Christian psychologists providing counselling and grief therapy for grief, loss, bereavement, complex/complicated grief, and coping with death.Bereavement or the loss of a loved one is an incredibly difficult, painful and distressing time. Frequent symptoms of grief include crying, sleep disturbance, low mood, loss of appetite, fatigue, restlessness, and the loss of interest in life and depression. Individuals may also feel hopeless, worthless, fearful, and struggle with thoughts and emotions.

Other common symptoms of grief may include difficulty concentrating, weight loss, feeling guilty, irritability and feelings of blame.

It is worth noting that the symptoms of grief described above can result from other adverse life circumstances including a loved one moving away, sickness, sexual abuse, unemployment, and many other circumstances.

Our psychologists are able to help with grief and bereavement.

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Services Provided

We provide a comprehensive counselling service that caters for both clinical and general life problems. For more information or to book and appointment please contact us on 9820 1223.


Care and support

Psychological support using interventions that understand and are to sensitive to Christian beliefs, with a focus on genuine client care.


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